Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hamburger joints make for some good photos

Scott & I took G to eat at Kincaid's for dinner last weekend after hearing how great their burgers are for oh about the last five years or so.  I love the message on the napkin holder ("our cows are vegetarian so you don't have to be") and loved that Scott didn't mind me getting up to go take a photo of the gumball machine with those bright lime green gumballs.  Super fun.  And the food was pretty good too.

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I am a working mom, wife, and avid crafter. I love photography and scrapbooking not just because well, let's face it, they go hand in hand but because I consider them both to be artistic. They let you develop your own style, express yourself, document life all around you and so much more.

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This blog is mostly made up of photos of my family especially my son as we go through our daily lives. My goal is to improve my photography as I capture all those little moments in time. I am striving to complete Project 365 in 2010 where you take a picture a day. My hope is that this will help me learn everything I can about my camera as I get daily practice. My purpose for this blog is to document my path over the next year through photography.

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